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I doubt I have even a single watcher yet. As a matter of fact I know it. But whatev. Currently, I'm uploading fanfics old and new here. Still editing the multi-chaptered ones, so go to ff dot net if you wanna read them as is anyway. I'll probably take forever to get it all done, it's been years already for most, but I'm determined if nothing else. It'd be helpful if my muse would be obedient and stop giving me ideas for entirely new stuff instead of current work, though.
"Listen to me, Haruka Kuran!" Cried sixteen year old Juri Kuran as she fiercely shook her elder brother by his collar. "I. Am. Not. Marrying you!"
With that she was pulling back her right arm to deliver a good, strong punch to his pretty little face. But before she could, he was calling out to her.
"W-w-wait!" He cried; eyes squeezed shut, hands up in surrender.
"Why should I?" She demanded; dragging him closer so that their faces were less than an inch away from each other.
"I don't want you to marry me," He began; calmly stating the facts. "At least, not yet-"
She shook her right fist in his face threateningly.
"W-w-wait!" He cried again.
"Why should I?" She repeated her demand.
"Don't hurt me, Juu~" He pleaded.
"Why?" She asked casually with a raised brow. "It's fun-"
"For whom exactly?" Cried Haruka aghast.
"For me…!" Clarified his sister with a sadistic smirk on her face.
The pureblood male gulped.
"Besides," she continued nonchalantly. "You'll heal in seconds! No harm down, am I correct?"
"W-Well theoretically…"
"Not theoretically!" She screamed at him; her annoyance immense. "It's a definite; an absolute! Moron! Simpleton! Has the near limitless healing capabilities of purebloods not been proven time and time again?"
"Ah… well~" He sing-sang.
"Haruka!" She roared.
"The thing is," He began their earlier conversation. "You shouldn't hit me, because unlike a certain devious shadow marionette, I'm not manipulating you like a puppet; playing you like some god-forsaken pawn in a chess game… At the very least I'm being honest, so... don't try to kill me?"
"Try!" She laughed boisterously. Then, in a sudden eerily calm voice; bangs shielding her left eye, she said as her right eyes flashed scarlet, "I'll dismember, decapitate and castrate you; then nonchalantly bury you six feet under…"
Haruka gulped; sweatdropping.
"That~ won't be necessary," He replied; prying her hands off of his person. "Truthfully though, I only want your love…"
"You're my brother," She cried out in frustration. "I already love you!"
"I want you to love me as a man!" He replied heatedly as he pulled her to his chest; shocking her speechless.
Since when was he this forceful? Wasn't he the wimp of the family?
"Try," He whispered earnestly with blazing eyes. "Try to see me as a man; one to marry and cherish and love as a husband… Fall in love with me, Juri…"
Her breath hitched, and at that moment she could feel something stir within her. A thought, that hadn't been there before.
'What would it be like to be loved by and to in turn, love this man?'
After a long moment, he released her from his grip; eyes still smoldering.
"That's all I ask…" He breathed as his arms left her.
Without them embracing her, somehow, she felt very cold.
With that, he turned and made as if to walk away. At the last moment though, he stopped; as if now remembering something important.
"Oh, and Juri?" He called; voice tranquil.
"…Y-yes?" She dazed as she still was, she could summon it within herself it curse that faint stutter in her speech.
He turned back to her and leaned closer as if to kiss her; her breath hitched once more before becoming ragged.
"I ate the last éclair from afternoon tea," He murmured; voice and entire expression solemn as his eyes burned with extreme amusement.
Her eye twitched, but he was long gone; laughter streaming behind him, by the time she'd processed all just happened enough to roar out, "HARUKA!"
It was a pity though, she was beginning to like him…
As they stormed pass his room and mansion itself shook with his youngest siblings rage, Rido wondered why it was that they were so noisy.
Then again, he also wondered why Haruka was so annoying, and why Juri was so violent...
He sighed, reaching out with his mental capabilities to stop the vase on his left night stand from falling, only for the one on the right to plummet to its doom.
Right eye twitching in aggravation, he waited for them to pass by before putting down his book, sliding off his bed, opening the small cupboard under the single, slim draw of the right night stand, revealing eight vases identical to the one that had fallen only moments before. This happened every night, so he'd had dozens of them made instead of having to call the potter every single time. Reaching inside, he pulled out one of them, and put it atop the cherry oak furniture.
"HARUUUUUKAAAA!" Came the cry from outside as if to announce that they were passing back.
A giggle and a 'Désolé, Juu~" later, he heard Haruka's fleeting footsteps, before the other sped-up and disappeared from beyond the double doors. There was a frustrated growl at that, before a malicious chuckle echoed.
"You just wait until I catch you, Haru~" She cooed. Then, in a raging snarl, "I'll tear you limb from limb!"
He growled as the vase on the left crashed to the floor and joined the ones before it.
What he wouldn't give to one day have a sweet, gentle, loving Juri. You know, one with a personality kinda like...well, without any other way to put it, Haruka. Minus the annoying parts, of course.
A blissful sound escaped at the thought.
What else could be different? Maybe she would have short hair? Oh! And in a lighter shade of brown...
Down in a crypt, well hidden and tucked away under the mansion, the Ancestor stirred slightly.
He sensed the beginnings of that thing called love…
I don’t know anything about you.
Your favorite food…
Your fondest memory…
Your favorite color… (Although, I can safely assume it’s black…)
Do you have a family?
Or are you alone like I was?
Why are all those Duras afraid of you?
Is it because you’re an, what did Hotsuma call it? Eto… Oh yeah! And Opast…?
And also, because you’re a Duras, a high-level Opast no less, does that mean you’ve done evil things in the past?
I want to know…
…So badly…
Why are you so silent all the time? Almost, sad…?
Why is it that you protect me? Call me Master?
Why are you kind to only me?
Why do I feel so warm in your embrace? Invincible with you at my side? Confident with your hand in my own?
Who am I to you!?!
…I long for the answers…
My heart longs for the answers to these questions…
…The longing makes my heart clench…
I know you have those answers I seek…
Have I only to ask for them?
Or will I be asking too much, too soon?
As I sit on the cold stone balcony, I memorize the contours of your face, the blackness of your hair, and the silver of eyes. I look at you as you pierce the starless night sky with the gaze of your swords you call eyes. I take in your tall, lean, well muscled form, your slim waist and hips, and the rich curve of your behind.
I blush at the sudden turn in my thoughts.
What could have possibly gotten into me?
Nevertheless, the moment I look up I am captivated and I think, “Beautiful…”
I want answers, but as you turn those magnificent grey orbs to me, my breath hitches and I forget what I want to say.
I try to regain a hold on my thoughts, look away, but I find that like every other time like this, I can’t.
You smile at me gently and feel a small flutter in my chest.
“Who are you?” I want to ask. But the words die in my throat.
Sodom “chu’s” and the spell in broken.
“So…Kanata?” You prompt.
I remember what I was saying before you distracted me. Again…
I pick up where I left off.
“R-right…At the Asahi Orphanage we were inseparable…”
Soon after…
Later, as I watch your retreating back after you tuck me into bed, I berate myself for my introverted tendencies…
‘One day…’I silently swear as to turn to me for the last time that night, and smile. ‘One day I will get the answers to my questions…’

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Tsuna couldn't concentrate.
Through no fault of his own, he had overheard some maids speculating which of his many male companions was the best lover, and now the topic wouldn't leave him be. That was this morning, it was five in the afternoon now, and through he’d persisted admirably, he was no great deal closer to finishing than when he began. Giving up on pretending that he was going to accomplish something for the day, as it seemed idiotic to bother with the pretext of professionalism, he got down to the matter at hand. If he recalled correctly, instead of weighing the merits of the personality traits each of his “consorts” (their word not his), it had all boiled down to how they do the do, and the estimated sizes of their dong.
Blushing furiously, he wondered why the universe was always putting him (of all people) in these incredulous situations, and whether it was even worth his time to pray for a reprieve just once more, that the cruel fates would never give.
Ryohei’s the thickest at an astonishing 4.5 inches across. He’s got the weightiest scrotum as well. Added to his professional-league stamina, he’s a champion outside and inside the bedroom. (He makes you feel like one too, that is, if you can keep up with him. Tsuna is thankful that thanks to his thoroughly filled dance-card, he’s been able to for years.)
Xanxus is second only to him in girth and in contrast, his length when brutally fucking Tsuna through the nearest surface (flat or otherwise) is a scarily intimidating match for his untamable, bestial vigor. He could make you feel like a cheap whore, or a highly talented and esteemed courtesan –depending on his mood. Most times, the word ‘gentle’ doesn’t exist for him. Then again, whenever Tsuna’s around him, he usually doesn’t comprehend such things either –he can’t. Like a young lion before an older, more experienced alpha male, his very survival depends on him fighting back even as he submits.
Fong is the longest, a smooth, neigh translucent ivory wand that perfectly suited his gentlest lover. Ethereal in his delicate beauty, Tsuna is rendered utterly under his enchanting charms. And on those rare occasions when his carefully reigned control slips, Tsuna can look forward to the prowess of a wild tiger. The exotic elegance intriguing in the magnitude of its sheer, unrestrained power, regardless of its typical subtlety. Not that he was surprised the first time it happened, after all, all that repressed tension had to be released at some point.
Takeshi’s only differs in its tan color and heavier undercarriage, but while the aforementioned man is oft like a soothing stream, the swordsman was all energy and spontaneous creativity. Emphasis on the last part. Four out of five times whenever they had an intimate interlude, their relations are nearly caught. Whether by a person, or captured on film, those times always drove home the fact that Yamamoto was a born hitman, and thus, crafted in the same, sadistic mold as Reborn. Thinking of it that way, all the Don could do was accept the… kinks whenever they came, however they came.
Mukuro’s is slender, prim in its smoothness, poised perfectly straight and astonishing in the way it too seems like its poker-faced; its glans taking the longest to reveal themselves, and otherwise pale up until the moments leading up to release and during climax itself. He’s in third in terms of length, but first in aggravating, antagonistic appeal (well…most times), and second in seduction only to the supreme Master, the devil himself…
Reborn only seems average at first, but he’s anything but when he gets down to it, and his incomparable skill and finesse surpass everyone else. A vile manipulator, wicked tempter, and ravishing rogue, poor Tsu would never be able to deal with him on equal footing –of that he was sure. (What? He knew his place…! He wasn’t stupid, despite what his various and plentiful attempts to resist Reborn’s will said.)
Everyone else is average in size, but differs in skill.
Hayato is worshipful and affectionate at the beginning, all whispered praises and stunned, reverent kisses, before unleashing a bottomless passion that would terrify the average person. Burning obsession in his eyes, near manic in its fervent and ferocity…ah, it was overwhelming and humbling at the same time. Making love with Hayato didn’t typically end in guilty giggles like playtime with Takeshi did, or with exhausted gasping for air that sex with Ryohei did, but his Right-Hand man was lovely in his tearful repentance, too cute for words when he was stuttering out sincere apologies for “desiccating the temple of Juudaime’s body.” They had long gotten over their misunderstandings about such forms of address, so Tsuna didn’t even pay them any mind when he silenced the adorable stammering with a sweet kiss.
Lambo is cute and whiny at present, and far too shy for them to actually get very far, but the few times when a broken Bazooka has brought his future-self to their present, were very promising. They make Tsuna think that his Italian men and their breath-taking romance, (in all the vast ways it’s expressed: from tsundere Xanxus and sly Reborn, to devoted Hayato and suave 25 year old Lambo), might just steal his soul since they already have his heart.
Kyoya however, aims intentionally to dissuade him from such starry-eyed notions, and firmly back on more patriotic trains of thought every time he steals his breath. Well, for as long as he manages to distract him after kidnapping him from HQ in Italy and dragging him back to Japan. Though the Decimo wonders if it counts as kidnapping if he went willingly half the time - just to escape his paperwork… Nevertheless, intercourse with Danna–sama is unexpectedly tender, who sees it as his “duty” to “satisfy” his “wife,” as any good “mate” would, especially to prove his dominance. Quite frankly flattered by the former notion, (and pointly ignoring the latter, ridiculous, testosterone-charged declaration), Tsuna went along with it, and made it his “duty” to ensure that his “husband” was always well pampered…in the most sporadic and hands-off way he could manage. It mostly involved him trusting Hibari’s strength, calling Tetsuya discretely when he felt something off (thank Primo for Hyper Intuition!), allowing himself to be kidnapped when the Skylark craved him, waiting for his lover’s “mating season” rolled around, and most importantly, inciting him to come all the way to Vongola HQ to “bite him to death” for whatever form of spousal insubordination he could come up with once a month. Hopefully, the topic of breeding wouldn’t come up again. Tsuna didn’t want to have to explain the Hibirds and the Bees to him even but a single time more.
“So, is that all you have to say, Kyoya?” Tsunayoshi asked, bangs shadowing the upper half of his face. “You disappear for over half a year, without even a goodbye, and all you have to say in reply to your inexplicable actions is: ‘Tadaima…?’ You’re one of a kind Hibari Kyoya…”
If the skylark had been expecting a cold hiss of his name at the end, he was greatly mistaken, and happily so, as, after his faux pas of exactly seven months, eleven days, eighteen hours and twenty-seven minutes without seeing his Sky, Tsuna had drawled his full name with a pleased chime that immediately fostered an overwhelmingly hopeful euphoria in his heart. A heart whose pace tripled when a smaller body barrelled into him; its owner throwing their entire, piteously negligible, weight at him. The brunet buried his face in the raven’s chest as his clutched hopelessly into the violet shirt and all but sobbed.
“Thank God! Thank God, you’re back!” Tsuna bawled in relief; abruptly pulling away before Kyoya could even wrap his own arms around him in turn, and glaring at him murderously with a ferocity that made the carnivore shiver in excitement. “I get that you’re ‘Cloud,’ Kyoya, and that you’ll be ‘wandering’ all your life, but the next you pull something like this while I’m all chained up in this god-forsaken office I’ll turn you into a vegetable; forget becoming a herbivore, you’ll have as much fight in you as a fucking tomato the next time you leave this mansion without your cell, and then conveniently forget to even text someone to tell us you’re in one piece! Thanks to my Hyper Intuition I knew you were alive, but if Kusakabe hadn’t called me every other week to tell me what in what condition you were in exactly, or where on the frigging World Map you were, I’d have dissolved into a furious mess and come hunt you down myself by week three of your little misadventures. What the fuck was so important that you only decided to drift in a day before my birthday with a cute, ‘Tadaima’ to acknowledge me? And just so you know, if you say it was work for this shitty Mafia…well, I’ll fucking end you~”
His deep voice had lightened in that tell-tale dangerous way that always got the other going, and the sadist wanted nothing more than to impale him on his tonfa one way or another for the sweet way he chirped all those terrible threats like a baby bird.
‘Wow,’ He thought to himself as the Decimo caressed his face with the back of his right hand, the left resting on the junction between his neck and shoulder. The long black monogloves he’d unwittingly upgraded to during another of his all-out fights with Xanxus last year, that were wonderfully bare at the heel of his palms were as arousing as ever. Shuddering heavily at the feel of perpetually cool, flawlessly smooth crystal, and rapidly warming, silken leather respectively, on such erogenous places, it was all the Guardian could do to restrain himself. To his absolute pleasure, it seemed that his beloved had powered up again while he was gone though, as the shape of both ring and the gem on the back of those elbow-high gauntlets was different, and the ends were trimmed with an unfamiliar pattern of metallic clasps that seemed to go into the skin.  Also, much to the disappointment of all, he was sure, those sexy, unspeakably erotic laces that implied that the gloves could be strung together for…other kinds of power struggles than just regular combat, were gone. He wasn’t too disheartened though, as this version of the weaponized mittens were practically painted on, the leather appearing thin and showing off those deliciously long nails and slender fingers in utterly the best, most sinful way. Maybe he’d developed a thing for hands over the years, or maybe it was just Tsuna’s hands he had a thing for, (probably because the omnivore used them to put herbivores back in their proper place: his feet), but Kyoya found his breathing picking up at the very sight of the new and improved, simple but stimulating X-Gloves version Vongola Ring.
Then and there he decided that he’d tell the Don about Millefiore later, they had more important things to occupy themselves with, than some psychotic herbivore with a thing for marshmallows. Besides, it’s not as if he’d become anything they couldn’t handle.
Months later, a newly awakened Tsuna would realize, that with all the great many things they indulged in that night, he never did respond to his Cloud’s sentiment.
‘Well, no time like the present,’ He thought in resignation. ‘Even if our roles are reversed.’
“By the way, Kyoya…” Tsuna purred softly as he sensually brushed his hands down the taller’s unfortunately clothed, mouth-wateringly toned chest. Flushing, he murmured his reply to Hibari’s earlier greeting, standing on his tippy toes to accept the passionate kiss that was his lover’s retort. “Tadaima.”


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